The Inhibit Svelto Kft, just like our name suggests, dealt with corrosion inhibitors from the very beginnings, and looks for and applies the newest, the most efficient and more economical friendly inhibitors to this day.

These inhibitors probably get one of the biggest parts in the cleaning of air coolers. The structural material of air coolers are mainly zincked steel, aluminium or low compound steel.

It is important to use an acid inhibitor pair that does not damage the structural material, but works fast and melts down scale quickly, because a significant amount of scale needs to be removed. Our company works with more inhibitors like that, and we could successfully restore the efficiency of many air coolers to factory values.

We remove the contamination from the outside heat transfer surfaces with combinated foam and chemicals depending on the contamination.


The foam increases the time of the contact, therefore, the cleaning is faster and more efficient: