Several parts of industry claim to have special cleaning processes for ready-made and semi-finished spare parts. This could be degreasing, removal of oil and soot, passivating, and removal of paint etc. At the same time, parts of already functioning manufacturing apparatus (chains, valves etc.) could also need special cleaning.

If you do not wish to complete the cleaning procedure on your own, because you do not wish to work with chemicals, or do not wish to invest in cleaning equipment, ask our company to help.

The Inhibit Svelto Kft. does rental cleaning for many companies, and gets new requests day by day. With our ultrasonic cleaning devices and special dissolvents we were able to solve many issues successfully.

Few examples of our rental cleaning works:

Degreasing of metal pieces. Chisel press oils and other stain deposit removals. Paint removals of shoddy painted parts. Our company possesses ultrasonic cleaning baths in many different sizes, and cleaning supplies with excellent efficiency for all materials.

We may use chemicals named by the customer or our own cleaning supplies for the release of flux substance in printed-circuits.

Browning, passivating, and conservation of metal materials.

Cleaning of smaller portable tubular heat exchangers, and tube-sheet heat exchangers.

Cleaning of motor car and appliance parts.

Cleaning of diesel particle filters and other metal, ceramics porous filters